Travelcast: Muay Thai in Koh Samui, Podcast #20

This short expose on Thailand’s brutal martial arts birthchild, was filmed in Koh Samui during their weekend matches and touches on not only the recent history of the sport, but also the fascinating and hugely impactful cultural additive it’s given the Buddhist nation. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and never miss a beat!

Travelcast with Lisa Egle of Chicky Bus, Podcast #16

In this podcast, Lisa Egle, author of Magic Carpet Seduction and creator of, covers global politics, talks about her latest and greatest tales on the road and offers her insights as a single, female traveler abroad. Lisa is one of the most accessible and genuinely involved travelers out there. Stop by her page, subscribe … Continue reading

Travel Geek: Documentary Penang (Full HD, Feature Length)

In the heart of Penang lies a recent but rich history of colonial British culture. And through it, I explore in style and with a long time local. This film is part two of the Travel Geek: Documentary Malaysia series. So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to get the videos when they are … Continue reading

Insights from the Pavement: Measuring Success in Happiness

The mountainous nation of Bhutan measures its year-end dividends in Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than the globally expected Gross National Product (GNP). As one might expect, Bhutan isn’t terribly popular on the international commodities market. But they stand behind this measure with great pride and fervent resolve. They’ve even commissioned a board of government … Continue reading

Travel Geek Short: Documentary Malacca

In this short documentary, I explore the culturally and historically rich port of call after which the Strait of Malacca was named. Talking with locals and exploring the city, this short follows me as I get in touch with the real Malacca that is seldom seen. For all the extras from Travel Geek: Documentary Malaysia, … Continue reading