Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 1 – Series Introduction

First of all I wanted to say thanks for all the support. All of your wonderful comments have motivated me to stay on top of the edits and put out the entire series of videos documenting the build. Your support has not only kept me motivated to build and document this laborious process, but also to keep editing them with plans to set them adrift in the world wide sea of viewers like you!

I’m happy to announce that construction on Linus the Land Yacht is finally complete. And later today, I will be starting my release of the Linus the Land Yacht series. So far it includes 30 episodes breaking down every secion of the build. So everything from battery banks and electrical wiring, to water pumps, to composting toilets, to on-demand hot water shower. Everything you can think of that goes into tiny homes.

Even if you’re subscribed here, be sure to head over to the Cyle O’Donnell blog and subscribe to get all my additional notes and journals on each video. I won’t be running this WordPress blog much longer. So subscribe there as I’ve also been busy putting together my photo albums, new creator content (including a new blog) and lots more.

You can also leave comments there, and either ask questions, or ask me for other videos on specific things from the build or my plans or whatever you want!

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned!!

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Series Introduction

Intro Video


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