Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 8 – Escape Hatch Part 1

Having completely removed the original hatch and custom built this new one, this two-part episode documents and discusses that process.

In Part 1, below, I find myself in the storage facility, working on top of my gawd-awefully hot roof in the midday heat. Windy, though it might have been on the audio, I was enjoying the heat.

This episode talks about the hatch build out. I had to take out the original hatch because it had been weathered so badly that it leaked.

Removing it was not the hard part. Simplifying the rubber sheeting cuts so that it didn’t suffer the same leak problem – that was a different story.

Cutting out triangular pieces would sold the issue.

I hope that the techniques that I didscuss in this video help you out on your own respective builds. It was really kind of lucky that I fell into this little cheat. Coating it with flex Seal is definitely something I would not recommend skipping if you chose the same route.

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