Travel Geek Podcast Cover

As many of you know (especially those of you following along on my Facebook page), I have started work on my podcast show. And as a point of order, I need to know what you guys think of the cover. After I get a few more episodes, the channel will be live, kicking off on several channels and platforms. So it’s gotta be right.

So, whadya think?


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Speaking with the History Channel Host, Anthony Morse about Hidden Cities

This week’s podcast was phenomenal. I met Anthony on a filming trip to Chiang Mai where I was sponsored by Canopier X to film their zipline and four-wheeling events. And he was such a personable guy that you couldn’t help but want to continue the conversation.

So we did!

Among his interests in production and the video community, Anthony is involved in photography and music as well. Listen in on the podcast as he talks about what’s coming up on his horizon.

Travelcast with Jessie Festa Podcast #13

Fellow writer and travel enthusiast, Jessica Festa, graces the Travel Geek airwaves in this edition of the Travelcast series. Joined by another veteran writer and traveler and previous podcast guest, Cristina Owen, right here in the Kuala Lumpur studio, we dive right in and talk about the nuts-and-bolts of travel writing, entrepreneurship, networking and, of course, gallivanting the globe.

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Travelcast with Callan Lawrence, Podcast #12

Writer and ex-travel buddy, Callan Lawrence and I wax political, discuss the state of the world and delve into the challenges of writing as a career at home and on the move in this latest edition in the Travel Geek Travelcast series.

Callan is as personable as I remember him.  And he’s twice as globally involved. When we met, it was around Christmastime 2006 and we were in Northern Ireland.  We had a pretty cool experience heading northbound to the Giant’s Causeway.

We reminisce on this and other cool times on the road.  And we cover some pretty interesting topics about the state of global affairs in the years since we met in this podcast.

Check out Callan’s writing at The AU Review.  And follow him on twitter, @callaw81.


Travelcast with Dave Levart, Podcast #11

The charismatic and travel-crazed Dave Levart, of Dave’s Travel Corner, is my guest on this week’s podcast.  He’s so crazy about travel that he  changed his last name to travel-spelled-backward. Okay, that last part was a lie. But let’s just say he’s a nomadic nut.

And in this podcast we talk about all the things he does when he’s out and about.  Dave is a fellow blogger, traveler and he’s especially inclined to the wine producing places of the world.

Find Dave at his very successful website, Dave’s Travel Corner. and follow him on twitter, @DaveDTC.

The quality of this podcasts was a little shaky due to the distance, internet quality and some technical difficulties. My apologies. Sometimes it happens.

New Travelcast with Chris Christensen, Podcast #10

I have dubbed Chris Christensen, the guest on this week’s travelcast, the father of modern travel podcasting. He’s a madman when it comes to talking about travel.  And he’s been making podcasts about travel on his show, , for a long time.  He’s actually done more than 300 of them, if you can believe that.  I felt like a novice talking to him in my little blogging/podcasting efforts here.  But he’s the kind of gentleman that puts people at ease. And before long, we were covering some real ground (metaphorically and through our travel stories).

Listen in as we discuss his endless insights into budget, safety and sustained travel concerns.  He has a wealth of knowledge and a library of stories from travels past.

You can find Chris at Amateur Traveler, and on his YouTube channel.  And be sure to follow him Twitter and Facebook.

The quality of this podcasts was a little shaky due to the distance, internet quality and some technical difficulties. My apologies. Sometimes it happens.