Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 6 – Building the Wheel well boxes

So, out of necessity of both insulation as well as making a flat surface out of a rounded, plastic edge, I built out boxes over each of the wheel wells.

This was not a difficult process. Especially since the wheel wells rose exactly 5.5″ off the floor – which happens aalso to be the width of a 2×6″ beam of wood. And as luck would have it, one of my neighbors was redoing his pool deck, and getting rid of all the leftover lumber. This had the added benefit of having already withstood years of weathering, and lots of traffic.

What was left was essentially to make it square, to insulate it from the outside weather, and to cut out scrap pieces of plywood from the bed frame to cover and secure it for later use.

The only difficulty would be to shape, copy and cut the inside well support. To do this I simply laid out the final length of the 2×6 that would cover the aisle side of the well, trace the edges with a black marker and then cut out that section with a jigsaw.

On top of the driver’s side well would be the composting toilet – which I will discuss in a later video; and over the passanger’s side well would be both the sink and the on-demand hot water shower head.

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