Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 5 – Walls

This is just a short video – more of a follow up to the two previous. In discussion style, I talk about the special build-outs and particular challenges I faced during my build.

Specifically, there was a C-channel that ran the length of the bus on which all the original benches mounted. I originally thought about taking this down and removing it. But there were two problems.

First, I didn’t know if I would later use it for needing to secure something to the channel – the frame or base for the wood stove was one of these potential future adds that may need more security than what I may have just from the fram alone.

Secondly, I was a little afraid that I would get halfway through removing it and find out that either the bolts went all the way through the walls to the outside (and somehow putteyed over), or made it through some of the spatter board only to stop midway – thereby never allowing me to fully remove it for lack of being able to clinch the nut on the other end.

In either case, it didn’t pose any more of a problem than to cut out the spacer for the channel in the studs and keep moving with the rest of the design. So off I went!

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