Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 13 – Bed Lift Day 1

So, day one of the wince and wire assembly finds me in a pretty easy set of angles. I had to climb under and above a few times to get to where things needed to go. But I expected that.

Luckily, the planning paid off, and everything fit into its place just as I had hoped. The outside of three holes on the pulleys happened to be a very happy accident, given that I had originally planned to mount them flush against the bed beams in some way.

Even if that didn’t turn out that way, however, it wouldn’t have impacted the structure. I would have grinded down a passage for the cable to glide through either way.

As for the thimbles and braces above, I don’t really cover this much in the video, but that was a little tricky. Luckily I hadn’t put on the wall panels yet. So I was free to mount an additional block of 2×4 to which I could screw in a 3″ eye bolt with a 1,000lbs. test for each. I screwed them all the way into the block so that no threading was showing. The only way they were budging was if a boulder suddenly materialized on the platform. But even then, I’m pretty sure the blocks would tear free before the eye bolts would.

Outside of the structural components, the winch would be tested on the next episode.

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