Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 4 – Framing and Insulation Part 2

As for Part 2, the insulation largely reflected the work and effort in Part 1. Not hard. Just time consuming.

Insulation is a straightforward process. It’s the little tricks that you learn along the way that make things easier.

For instance, use scissors rather than a box cutter. This is more exacting, easier, and scissors don’t suffer the quickly dulling effect that razors do.

Secondly, cut about a half-inch over what you need. It’ll bunch up, but on a bus, remember that things wiggle around. This will keep it snug.

Thirdly, because your studs are not likely to be spaced 16″ on center, you’ll want to also keep some seam filler handy. This is often called spray foam. This will be necessary to ensure that your hard work won’t be wasted in those hard to reach places that cumulatively let in all those little drafts and make your heating and colling less efficient.

Remember this step BEFORE putting up your wall paneling. You’ll undoubtedly take them down later when you’re freezing your buttons off and find yourself forced into looking for all the cold spots.

Watch the video for the rest of the details.

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