Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 3 – Framing and Insulation Part 1

Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 3 – Framing and Insulation Part 1
Building the walls was relatively easy. So was the process of insulating. The tough part is that it takes a long time to measure, cut, recut (if needed) and mount all the studs in the right places. It’s not like you’re working with a home inspector’s curiosity here. There are no standards or regulations to which one must adhere when spacing and placing the beams. It’s all up to how it works out on the particular bus itself. And since each bus and bus dweller are different, so, too, are their needs in construction.

Part 1 of this segment covers the walls. Part 2 is the insulation.

As per the walls, the things I had to consider were the following:
1. I wanted house quality insultion on all sides of my bus (top, driver’s, passangers, and roof). I will be insulating under the bus much later.
2. I would not be bolting into the bus’ frame at all. My design will be “floating” in order to presuppose that the shifting and bending of the bus should be independent of the frame I’m building into it. And,
3. I will be using the frame to mount everything from countertops and showers, to storage, an office and even an elevating bed. So it needed to not only be precise, but given its independence from the bus’ frame, also sturdy.
This called for some preparation. While I got most of my materials for free over the course of the build, studs were not so easy to come by. More than that, it’s probably just a better idea to buy new ones that are guaranteed not to have been infiltrated by borers and various fungi. These I decided to buy from Home Depot. I wound up using upwards of 60 from start to finish. The bulk of the rest of the materials would be salvaged, upcycled, donated and even repurposed. Check out the video for how it all came together.

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