Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 16 – Curtains

Curtains don’t just add privacy and security in your tiny house, they help insulate as well. And while not the most manly of construction items on the bus build list, they are just as necessary as any other component. In this episode, I discuss hacks and quicker ways to not only make, but securely mount these crucial components of the build.

For starters, there’s a nifty little way to hang them using paracord. It’s a single slip not looped through a bunny ear that does the trick. It’ll make more sense when you see it, but essentially it means the difference between a snug fitting curtain and a saggy, sad looking one. It also helps keep the draft down in the winter, the closer to the pain the curtain happens to hang.

As for the curtains themselves, you don’t have to be a seamstress to make quality curtains. I found a great hack that not only makes it much easier and faster, it also keeps from having to deeply knowledgeable about the fabric and materials you’re using. In other words, I make it so easy even I can do it!

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