Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 14 – Bed Lift Day 2

I’d normally keep from offering a spoiler alert here, but since the bus is finished, and you all already know that, there’s really no getting around annoucning my success. The bed platform lifted just as I had hoped, just as I had measured and just as I had built and wired it to do – the very first time. And on camera! I have been told that my reaction here is priceless. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

This video has already brought me a lot of questions on Facebook. So please feel free to comment and ask away. It’s an area of interest for a lot of people. After all, beds take up a lot of real estate. And in a tiny space, real estate is what it’s all about.

First off, I did not spend thousands of dollars on this build. The winch was less than $100 from Amazon. The cables totalled $20 for all four. The hardwar (pulleys, screws, cable clamps, thimbles, etc.) also totalled around $20. Even with the cost of the wood for the bed, we’re talking about less than $200 for an elevating bed.

It’s been working now for several months while I’ve been editing these videos and finishing the rest of the build. And shows no sign of failing. So if you’ve got it in mind to build your own, this one is proof that if you plan it and cut it right, it’ll work just fine.

Enjoy the video of the build.

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