Insights from the Pavement: No More Waiting

Most of the world flips through travel magazines or reads through online destination websites dreaming of the day when it will be possible to get away for just a week or two to enjoy this wonderful world. And sadly, this is all too often the farthest some of us get.

When we look at this dynamic for what it might mean in our personal lives, we will begin to see that procrastination lends itself to many lost opportunities – not just our travel plans.

The worst vacation we should ever have is the one we never took. And that alone should be motivation enough for each of us to carve away some time, put away some money and go through the motions of arranging our plans.

This, of course, is much easier said than done. But this is the most important step in the process of making ourselves less vulnerable to procrastination. And once we’ve climbed over the hurdle of arranging our plans, the easiest part is to execute them. This, though, is still not what will teach us the lesson of overcoming procrastination.

It’s actually once we return from our sojourn that we will collapse onto the couch, stare up at the ceiling, and retrace the epic events that we gifted to ourselves. It is this moment, not the time on the road, that will teach us the most about what we need to do to achieve our goals in this life. Because this is the moment when the digestion starts. It’s the time when we can look back over the whole of our efforts – start to finish – and see that it was all worth the effort.

And this is the part that will follow us into our future decisions, motivating us to get up and do, rather than to sit around and talk.

If we want a yard full of trees, the best time to plant them is twenty years ago. And after we’ve proven to ourselves that we’re worth not waiting for, we’ll realize that the second best time is now.