Okay everyone, I have a cool gift to sho

Okay everyone, I have a cool gift to show you that I haven’t completely dropped off the radar. I’ve been working on the latest Travel Geek stuff, which, if my calculations are correct, should be headed for Amazon, Kanopy and a few other online streaming channels in the near future.

But just because you guys were smart enough to be my pals, I’m giving you the first half of Season 2 right here!

Starting today, with Part 1 of Travel Geek: Documentary Thailand, I’ll be releasing a new episode every day until Sunday. Yes. That means there are 5 parts to this mini-series. I’m guessing you’ll be happy with them, given that I jump out of airplanes, hover over the Andaman Sea, watch people skewer their own faces and climb up ladders with bladed rungs, and party down in Sin City – among 5 hours of other fun stuff.

I’ve been looking forward to releasing these because I started them before I left for Quartzsite, and finally had a chance to clear them for release locally.

So, here goes!


Thanks for your comments! For photos and more, go to cyleodonnell.com

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