TravelCast with Mark Defant, Podcast #31

In this Travelcast, Marc Defant, co-founder of WikiPlaceMarks, talks about the amazing new platform he (and his team of Hungarian programmers) has been working on which has the potential to literally index the entire planet.

Keep an eye on this new technology. It’ll be no time at all before we’re using it everyday. It combines the essence of Google Earth and WikiPedia, and open-sources it to the everyday geniuses that know the most about their very own back yards. The result is the most profound global cataloging system the world has ever known.

This new design has the potential to change the world as we currently think of it, catalog it and access the information within it. And I had the profound pleasure of speaking with Marc in-depth about all of that and more.

For all those geeky, global, techie superfans out there: this is a conversation you will want to get in on.

You can check out this amazing new platform at WikiPlaceMarks (permalink:


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