There’s Only One Certified Skydiving Location in Asia… And I Did Mine for Free

Yep. That’s correct. Free. Well, sorta.

In exchange for making Thai Sky Adventures a sweet video, and including them in my upcoming documentary, I got to take the plunge on the house. It’s called a sponsored event, and they drive the bulk of my event filming these days. It’s pretty awesome to have this job — especially when I know damned well that I could just as soon be stuck in an office shuffling papers and counting the minutes until Friday at 5pm!

In any case, I can’t say enough good stuff about Thai Sky Adventures. They are not only professional (for a bunch of adrenaline junkies), but they’re also nice. And I’m not just saying that because they offered me the opportunity to roll out of their $650,000 single engine Cessna. I’m saying that because even when the boss wasn’t around and the cameras weren’t rolling, they were still very engaged and excited to have me there.

Anyway, I just thought that I’d make a special blog just for the guys at Thai Sky Adventures. I hope that I can do it again someday!


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