Nurture the Now-Decisions

Having traveled long enough to write a library of books on what not to do on the road, I have found it useful, when thinking of the future, to concentrate solely on the decisions I’m currently facing.

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

When finding ourselves at the crossroads of any life decision, we generally immediately think about how this will impact our future. And while it’s certainly not a bad practice to strive to ensure that our future is progressively better than our past, it’s actually more important that we keep things simple – gestating the current changes and challenges.

There’s a lot to be said about being present in each moment. This points to a reflective notion of leading our lives. But it also allows us to stay centered when facing important choices. After all, among all the hurried mistakes we have the potential to make, the ones we regret the most are those that we had the available options to change at the time.

So how do we get over this chaotic mentality when facing tough times? The old adage of “Keep It Simple” applies here. And in doing so, simple is relatable to how we are living at the current moment.

Think about it: the future is a something that hasn’t happened yet. And when we are contemplating planning our lives around something that hasn’t yet affected us, there’s no concrete way to balance whether or not the decision we’re making is a good one.

Does this mean that making a five-year plan or investing for retirement is not a good idea? Of course not. The aspects that will take care of us in our future are items more of us should pay attention to. But these are decisions that we make specifically for our future. And therefore their effects will be expected and, if we’ve played our cards right, assured.

However, the decisions that are in the now, should also center around the same notion of time sensitivity. Now is when we will be affected. So now should be the time to consider.

Stay in the moment, keep things simple, and even if things don’t go as planned, we can still rest easy knowing that we did the best we could with the circumstances we had at the time. And in that, we’ll never have any regrets.


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