It’s Our World – It Should Be Free

I normally don’t chime in on American politics. I am a travel blogger, after all. But a fellow veteran and blogger has asked me for help and, given the cause, I’m damn sure going to give it. Besides, what he has to say definitely affects each and every one of us sharing this great planet.

I’ve been watching Adam Kokesh for a long time. He is unorthodox and just a smidge aggressive in his opinions. But it’s what his opinions stand for that make him such an addicting person to watch in action. He gets up in the faces of those who oppose opinions — aggressive or not. And he has boldly fought for the right of everyone reading his, my, and every other blog in the world. He’s tested the bounds of freedom — fully backed by the American constitution — and he’s paid the price.

I’m not talking about the price of money or the stress of fame. He’s paid the price of his very own freedom. And this is no doubt the inspiration for the title of his latest book. He’s served his country — serving the same thankless machine that I served. And in the end, he was disrespected and dishonored for his time. But that didn’t break him. It emboldened him. And perhaps that’s why I can so closely relate to his efforts.

This is the kind of guy that the government would love to see disappear. And that’s exactly what they tried to do. I’ve been shocked by Adam’s methods in the past. But never was I more shocked than when I found out that all of his forecasts came true. He said many times that our freedoms of privacy and to bear arms were under threat. And one day the very government that he served, came and kicked down his door, took his freedom, his firearms, and violated the very rights that it had established hundreds of years ago to protect us. And all for charges it could neither prove nor justify.

Think back to all those times when you’ve felt that fear welling up in your gut because you’ve been pulled over and feel that your rights are at risk. Think back to those times when you didn’t know what to say because the intimidating and overreaching legal system might smack you down. Trust me, those fears are founded. But Adam has been the man that the legal system doesn’t want around. He knows the law, the system, and the limitations therein. And when the legal system meets him, it’s met the proverbial David to its Goliath. And that fear is reversed. He is the underdog that, whether you knew it or not, is on your side.

Help him initiate the freedom movement that he’s sought since his very first podcast. Download his free book, FREEDOM!, and discover just how close we are to the Orwellian world, replete with current day propaganda campaigns, terror campaigns and oppression campaigns from a government that claims to fight them; find out what statism really is; the myth of taxation and free trade; discover the storefront government racketeering in controlled education, welfare and medical care; find out why the words “militia, patriotism and civil rights” have all been twisted and changed from their original, intended forms that suit the government cogs; read what today’s slavery is, and how it was never truly abolished; and how the government is wielding technology against U.S. citizens and the world at large — and why this is nothing new.

This is slated to be Adam’s most provocative manifesto yet. And I, for one, hope that every one of my readers downloads and reads this comprehensive book, authored by a man who has experienced first-hand the real assault that is currently being waged on the American people (and indeed people all around the world) and has lived to tell the tale of what goes on behind the ever-shrinking curtain of government greed and totalitarian protocol.

It’s readers like you, writers like me and representatives of us all like Adam, that are in the same boat. It’s us, the masses, who hold normal jobs and live out ordinary lives that are in this together. We can live free, together; or we can live oppressed, divided.

I won’t candy-coat it. What you’ll read will anger you. But it damn well should. It’s angered me to see what’s happened to Adam over the years. And as a U.S. veteran, a leader of my division and recipient of the Military Excellence Award, I have a lot to relate to the way that Adam has experienced the dishonor at the end of his commitment. And I’ve sought to embrace the diversity that we all share around the world, to travel and experience our amazing abundance, and hopefully show my readers and viewers and subscribers how very similar we all are and that we all seek the same happy futures for our children and safety for our family and friends. I’ve done this in an effort of pushing through my own feelings about how to live free, become unified as the 99 percenters and to take back our innate rights to FREEDOM!

Download the Adam's book FREE

Download the Adam’s book FREE


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