The Constant Cobra!

I-promise-dont-do-it-againDear Readers,

Some of you (okay, all of you) may have noticed that a certain slithery animal has frequented my blog for some time — popping up several times as a short blog post. This is a technical issue for which I ultimately still have no explanation.

In my inbox at least twice a month (and likely in yours as well), I will be reminded that my article on the cobra that invaded my Malaysia home has been reposted to my blog. This was originally thought to be due to an issue with my Hootsuite Account. I linked these two accounts in order to connect my analytics and online statistics to keep up with my traffic and create content that is better suited to my readers (and when they’re most likely to have time to read it).

However, this backfired and I have had some significant hair loss due to the fact that it seems to have become the ghost in the machine, controlling my blog and posting my tweets for me — even though I have never set my tweets up to post to my blog. Sometimes technology has a way of paying us back in ruthless ways.

I heartily apologize for this (and have posted a photo of a cute puppy to help ease the emotional duress). I have been reminded several times by you, my wonderful readers, in an effort to help me get rid of the problem. Thank you all very much for taking the time to do that. And while I continue to push through this problem (okay, hopefully it’s finally fixed), please continue to have patience with me. I’m working on it, and I think that the severing of my connection between social media accounts may be the last ditch effort of making it happen.

Again, my fullest of apologies for this annoyance and I will endeavor to make the rest of your blog-reading experience a pleasant one here in the Travel Geek!

Love and Kisses,

The C.O.


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