10 Most Common Safety Violations in Asia

Frequently I observe construction all throughout different countries in Asia. And having been an environmental scientist and HAZWOPER safety educator in Alaska, I can’t help but notice all of the activities that would just never fly in the states.

On nearly an everyday basis, I notice cable workers climbing shotty, bamboo ladders without a helmet, safety belt or even shoes. Yes, I have literally witnessed shoeless construction workers. And in developing nations where insurance is all but obsolete, I often wonder why more people don’t take initiative and protect themselves by wearing more than just the bare minimum for working in these dangerous places.

2014-02-18 14.29.19

So, in honor of that very idea, I have compiled the list below of all the U.S. safety standards which Thai construction workers would be in immediate violation of at almost every job site I’ve ever encountered.

1. Workboots with covered steel-toes.
2. Eye safety for dust and falling objects.
3. Keep cables from running across the floor.
4. Use only safety regulated standing and climbing devices (stools, ladders, etc.).
5. Appropriate work gloves to prevent injury to the hands.
6. Ensure that all drilling and metalworking equipment is stowed in a case or work belt and never on the floor where it can be a hazard for tripping and injury.
7. Ensure that working area is cordoned off with safety tape, cones and other visible foot traffic detours.
8. Ensure that work area is kept clean of debris.
9. Put refuse and debris into a container to remove clutter and tripping hazards.
10. Never lean construction items against an abutment where they might fall on bystanders.

2014-02-18 14.25.51

2014-02-18 14.29.32


2014-02-18 14.29.39


2014-02-18 14.26.15


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