New Travelcast with Chris Christensen, Podcast #10

I have dubbed Chris Christensen, the guest on this week’s travelcast, the father of modern travel podcasting. He’s a madman when it comes to talking about travel.  And he’s been making podcasts about travel on his show, , for a long time.  He’s actually done more than 300 of them, if you can believe that.  I felt like a novice talking to him in my little blogging/podcasting efforts here.  But he’s the kind of gentleman that puts people at ease. And before long, we were covering some real ground (metaphorically and through our travel stories).

Listen in as we discuss his endless insights into budget, safety and sustained travel concerns.  He has a wealth of knowledge and a library of stories from travels past.

You can find Chris at Amateur Traveler, and on his YouTube channel.  And be sure to follow him Twitter and Facebook.

The quality of this podcasts was a little shaky due to the distance, internet quality and some technical difficulties. My apologies. Sometimes it happens.


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