Insights from the Pavement: Study Something

Because of the way that the human brain works, most of us have an innate gravitation toward intellectual pursuits.  Before going to college, most might say that they never knew that they were interested in subject that they never would have otherwise seen as intriguing.  Afterward they may find that they are excited to begin the process of dedicating their entire lives to this “exciting new field.”  This is because we are creative thinkers.  And therefore when we find something that entices us, we have the capacity to remain focused on that item.


This manifests itself in countless different ways depending on the various characteristics that we receive when we’re born.  But we can all use these characteristics to our advantage – it’s no excuse to be lazy.  On the road or at home, we can always be diving into academic pursuits that satisfy that inner geek.

Each time we encounter something that might spark our interest, we have an opportunity to exhaust and expand the options surrounding it.  We have the opportunity to expound upon known items, or to discover new ones.  We can create new, right-brained art that complements or represents the intricacies of our new found items.  Or we can publish scholarly works based on our left-brained investigations of them.

The brain is just like a muscle in that when we exercise it, it becomes stronger.  Flex that muscle, utilize the tenacity for artistic and intellectual pursuits and ready yourself for the many benefits that come with being more mindful, having a more developed sense of perception and finding yourself excited to learn and do more in the name of mental grace.

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