Insights from the Pavement: Speaking with Integrity

Words have meaning.  We’ve all heard that before.  They all have applications to which we apply different significance and understanding.  We use them to craft our expressions, to shape our ideas and to bring vibrancy to our thoughts.

But they are more then just the symbol of their definition or a designation to the characterization of an idea.  They truly do mean something.


When we think about something, we are manifesting our creative energies into a melding of many things.  What is created is an amalgamation of logic, initiative, intuition, agenda, emotion, experience and many, many other things.

The words that we choose to put to these conglomerations are, quite literally, all our own.  They are unique to us and, because they are the chosen sum of all our creative senses, intellectual machinations and emotional responses, they can never truly mean to someone else what they mean to us.  They can come close, but they will never really vibrate in others’ ears as they do in ours.

It is because of this reason that words have so much power.  When we speak them, we own them.  When speaking from the heart or at times of passion, they are generated from the same place where we receive the inspiration for our hopes and dreams.  They come from the same place that makes us feel sad when we wrong someone or miss someone we love.  When we profess them, it is our truth.  We are held accountable to our words as they are our oldest mode of transferring the information within us.

Words are our key to the gates of communication.  They are the platform on which we are represented.  And, most importantly, they are broadcast as a sampling of our own culture when we communicate in foreign places.

And believe it or not, they are not put together the same way in each place we go.  Essentially, they are an individually selected consignment of ideas – complete with tonality, emotional communication, personal meaning, ingrained undertones and countless other facets of expression.  They’re even delivered in a package exclusive to their maker – our own voice.  And this remains a universal constant, no matter where we might find ourselves.

When speaking to others, we must ensure that we use this important method of communication to its fullest potential.  When we speak with integrity, we are helping to ensure that our true passion is expressed; that our real feelings come across; that we respect the thoughts of others and further their support with words of our own; that we are contributing to the exponentially increasing pool of positivity, wisdom and expression; and that we can be counted as inimitable patrons of forward-thinking construction of intellectual infrastructure affording embracement in the diversity of our own humanity.

In other words, think positively, speak positively and offer your unique perspective to the endless possibilities for change, unity and ascension.

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