Travelcast #8 with Rae Mapey

Today’s travelcast finds the travel-savvy Rae Mapey talking about her latest gift to the nomadic world — her new mobile app!

Rae, a professed homegrown hockey fan straight out of B.C., found herself talking with friends about problems declaring taxable items at customs one night and, poof, the idea for Simply Declare was born.

Listen in as she discusses the many wonderful uses of her app and the extras that it has in tow.

Additional note: Since the recording, Rae has indeed chosen to take on advertising for her app in order to access newer markets, she said in a followup email.  An in-app purchase of $.99 will remove the ads from this newer, free version of the app, she reported.

Do you have a unique gift to the travel world? Does your blog or expertise have to do with a nomadic lifestyle? Pitch me your idea and maybe we could do a travelcast together!  Send inquiries to


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