Travelcast #6 with Cristina Owen

Today’s podcast is with the lovely and loquacious Cristina Owen of  In this travelcast, we talk about everything from package tour ripoffs to her cat-sitting duties gone wrong.  She also provides me with a very thought provoking and useful top ten list for budge travel.  And what’s more, she even goes to eleven!

Check out her latest post on the podcast here.

So for everyone trying to save money on the go and wanting advice for solo female travelers, you’ve located your go-to gal.

When you’re finished watching, why not head over to her blog, subscribe to her updates and connect with her on twitter and Facebook (

After this podcast, head over to her blog post and get her thoughts on the podcast and the followup to the Top Ten (plus one) list she gave me.


2 thoughts on “Travelcast #6 with Cristina Owen

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