Insights from the Pavement: Being Mindful of Transitions

Just as we pass from one place to another along the way through our travels, we move through various states of awareness as well.  Conversely, just because we step off a train in our new physical location, it doesn’t mean that we have a new understanding of this place.  And somewhere in the middle of these two extremes lies the capacity to understand and be aware of these spheres of transition.

InBeachMtResize (22)

Knowing that there are inevitably going to be changes in life is simply not enough.  Just as on the road, it helps to be aware when these changes are taking place.  But it’s best to feel these changes, know their meaning and embrace the entry into that new circle of understanding.

Being both mindful and open to the idea of growing from our experiences will aid us in not only learning, but also in creating a pattern that embraces future opportunities to become better, more learned travelers in this exploration of life.

Seeing ourselves as vehicles for change, knowing when a learning situation is upon us, feeling that change within us and enacting the lesson that it has brought us are all intimate and profound personal experiences.  And none of them happen the same way for any two people.  Having had a taste for what real-world learning feels like, we will become more and more aware of these new experiences in the future.  And welcoming them with open arms will become but an afterthought.

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