Youtube Update May 5, 2013

Happy Monday everyone. I wanted to start this week off by beginning the process of integrating my other media into the blog. So I thought I’d share my YouTube intro video with all the readers and maybe get more of you to subscribe to my channel.

Normally I try to average a release of one new video per week. Some weeks I upload three or four in preparation for those weeks when I know I’ll be traveling or filming. These videos are podcasts (which I call Travelcasts) with other bloggers and travelers. Others are Travel Geek Top Ten videos, where I talk about the top ten tips for travelers on a new topic each time. And some are the outtakes and extras from filming junkets I’ve recently taken.  It really just depends on what I am working on.

Whatever I am doing at the moment, I am almost always sure to be making a video of it or talking about it in front of the camera, or something video related. So my channel is never too far from fresh content.

Watch my channel intro video and then head over to subscribe. There should also be a link at the end of the video to subscribe directly.


Wanna connect further?  Look up at the top left of the page and find me on Twitter and Facebook, too!


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