Singapore Day Three:

Okay, so day three technically exists.  But I am not going to do a journal on it.  I’m just going to run some more outtakes from the film and let you know that I spent this day coordinating, scheduling and rescheduling a filming session on Sentosa Island.




Sentosa Island is like an adult Disney Land on steroids.  It’s no joke.  And it’s not cheap.  So perhaps it’s Disney Land on designer drugs sold at a posh club in Dubai.  In any case, it’s exceedingly fun and I can’t suggest enough that you get your ass down there and spend some money that you’ve been saving for an amazing time.  You won’t regret it.

Just to cover the highlights of what I filmed (and therefore what the journals will talk about) on the next blog; it was definitely a day of many firsts.

I started my day with a 1.6 kilometer ride in a cable car that glides from the mainland (if you can call Singapore mainland) to the island of Sentosa.  I then perused Universal Studios, hung out on beaches with sand imported from the Caribbean and met with the marketing people from some of the most prestigious names in the Singaporean entertainment business.  After that, I swam with meat-hungry sharks at Underwater World.  Then it was off to leap into the largest indoor skydiving tube in the world and meet with some of the world’s best competition skydivers.

If that wasn’t enough to do some jetsetting in Asia’s most elite country, I headed up to the top of the 2,561-room, 1,300,000-square-foot, $8 billion Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino, where they let me swim (but not film) in their 150-meter infinity pool at the Sky Park – at the very top of the 55-story, fung shui-approved behemoth.

But you can check out the next journal to find out about all that.  Let’s just say you’ll enjoy what you see!


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