Singapore Day Two: Part Two:

In the evening, I headed over to Little India to experience what all the fuss was about: the food.

Just past Mustafa Center is the section of town that leads to Arab Street, the famed location of many amazing restaurants and even the growing glamour of Kampong Glam (Glam Village).  Here, you’ll find an array of delicacies – not the least of which is stingray sauté.

And of course, how can one eat out with friends and not share some “shisha?”

Shisha is a long time favorite item of restaurant goers here.  After dark, younger adults to  senior citizens group-order food and wash it all back with a bubbly brew of their choosing – much to the chagrin of the Muslim locals in the area.

The key ingredient, though, is flavored tobacco from a giant water bong known as a hookah.  And because of the way that it is inhaled, it’s both incredibly addictive and extremely harmful.  In fact, it’s about 200 times more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.  But that doesn’t seem to stop these anxious smokers from indulging.

In any case, after some lovely eats and chats with others having a coke-and-a-toke, I ended my night by catching up on journals and planning for the next day.  Which, of course, was epic.

Be sure to come back in a couple days and check out the video from indoor skydiving, swimming with man-eating sharks, a mile-high cable car and much more!


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