Latest Travel Geek Release from Documentary Taiwan: Part Eight

In this eighth part of the Travel Geek: Documentary Taiwan, I explore the grand and inescapably mystical village of Alishan, high above the cloudline of the Tainan region.

Alishan Village should be on your To-Do list if you come to Taiwan.  While I only had a limited time to enjoy the “sea of clouds” phenomenon that takes place high up in these mountains, I still came away with a great experience.  And there’s plenty more to do and see.

The food and locals are charming and warm.  The little restaurants aren’t so corporate that the personality has been stripped away.  And the old train that everyone embarks to in the wee hours of the morning is a neat little jaunt up the hill to the viewing spot.

In addition, there are trails to hike, nature to enjoy and pristine, crisp air to fill the nostrils with a continuum of reminders of where you are and just how nice it is to be there – or at least not back at your office.

And that’s just the top.  Getting there is just as much (if not more) fun.  Rent a bike at the train station, head up the mountain and make a wonderful day of the switchbacks and splendid views of the Taiwanese townships below.




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