Update: Headed to Malacca

Coming up this next weekend (Mar 15-17, 2013), I’ll be headed out to Melacca for my first visit to the country’s cultural and historical hub.

There are a lot of places throughout Malaysia that have a truly unique feel and look.  There are many places with their own distinct line through the recent past.  But in no place is this idea more encapsulated in such a condensed area.

In fact, Melacca is the third smallest state in the country.  It’s been dubbed the “Historic State,” and it’s located on the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

It’s placement and history here have even so entrenched in the history of global trade that the Strait of Melacca got its name from the millions of international goods that entered its port every year during its height as a trade mecca during the colonial era.

In 2008 it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  And though it was the home of the first Malay Sultanate, the monarchy was quashed with the Portuguese claimed rule here in the 16th century.

But you can read more about all that when I return from Melacca with a new photos and footage in tow.

Till then, enjoy this short documentary and get an idea of what I’ll be enjoying when I head there for my three-day weekend!


Thanks for your comments! For photos and more, go to cyleodonnell.com

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