Travel Geek: Documentary Taiwan Out now!

At long last, the film has been edited, finalized and uploaded.

And here it is:



Original YouTube description:

Follow Cyle O’Donnell, the Travel Geek, along more than 5,000 miles of trains, cars motorbikes, planes and boats — not to mention 20-or-so miles of hiking — through Far East Asia’s hidden gem. With filming spanning more than nine months, this trek covers everything from Chinese New Year in Tainan’s fireworks battle to Changhua’s legendary Lantern Festival; from windsurfing Penghu’s gale-force winds to eating raw pigs with Lanyu’s aboriginal natives; from high atop Taipei’s tallest towers, to the hinterland of tribal Taroko Gorge, this ultimate travel documentary is sure to inspire the mind and ignite the travel lust.

Travel Geek Documentary Taiwan has taken more than a year to complete. In the cutting room, the editors spent two-and-a-half months sifting through 114 Gigabytes worth of files spread out among 2,866 fils from 68 folders. And when it was finished, the final cut was one-hour-and-59-minutes long with more than four hours of outtakes, extra footage including marketing and subscriber media.

The experience of living and filming in Taiwan was amazing. And during the time the I spent in Taiwan, I also visited North and South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and the Philippines. So this film is the culmination of much enjoyment and success. And throughout this time, I also changed a lot as a media professional, a photographer and even as a person.

It’s bittersweet to see this particular film released because in addition to finalizing the edits and releasing it, I have also closed off another important and learned time in my life. And as I watch this film, I can’t help but be nostalgic and reflective of all the times in between the shots that no one else will feel quite so moved by but me. And while this film was captured before I left for film school (meaning, I didn’t have quite the gear that I have now in order to make it a little more “professional”), I still think it turned out pretty well.

In any case, it is my pleasure to announce the latest release of films in the Moving Stills library, Travel Geek: Documentary Taiwan. If you enjoy it half as much I did making it, I will be able to call it a success.

A special note just to subscribers is sent out that offers how to get free downloads and discounted packages of the Full-HD, 1080p version of this film, along with director’s notes, a signed script and the entire photo gallery that I shot from this trip.

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