New Travel Geek Documentary Out Now

Today is a great day.  Nothing is different in the community.  There are no celebrations taking place in the area.  The sun isn’t even shining — in fact there’s a week-long out-of-season monsoon ravaging the west side of the island.

But the silver lining to the lenticular wave of clouds pushing in from China shines through.  And that’s important to note because:

Today I’m releasing my latest film, Travel Geek: Documentary Hong Kong & Macau!

It’s finally finished post-production and is now available for download!

This 45 minute documentary follows me through both Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of China; Hong Kong and Macau. In them, I visit two islands and the mainland of Hong Kong and all the islands of Macau.

In Macau, I jump off the world’s highest bungy jump, more than 250 meters! I eat from the local restaurants, navigate the labyrinthine streets to see all the museums and even get caught filming illegally in the casinos!

In Hong Kong, I sneak into the underground markets with my hidden camera at the Chungking Mansions and buzz around the old city and the financial district on a photo walk and city tour.

This film is not to be missed.

Be sure to grab a copy.  Here’s the link.



3 thoughts on “New Travel Geek Documentary Out Now

    • Actually, I have been doing quite a bit of moving and shaking. First I had to solidify the deal that put my Philippines documentary on the air in Los Angeles (Channel 31 KVMD). Then I went back to the states to finish film school. Then I spent most of June and this month making short documentary films. Then I moved here, to Guatemala, where I have been settling in for a little while. I have one more move to make and then I will be catching up on the journals. Thanks for the note! It’s good to feel missed. If you want, you can check out the docs I’ve done here:

      How have you been? Hope you’re staying busy, too.

      • Wow. you have been busy. Didn’t know if you fell off the bike but Look forward to checking out the films and hearing about Guatemala. Thanks. dave

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