Headed for Macau

Greetings all.

As the journals from the Philippines unfold, I will be headed to yet another filming trip in the Chinese Special Administration Region (SAR) of Macau.  I hope to be taking a chopper over to Hong Kong.  But that might not be in the cards.  But that might pale in comparison to the plans I have for diving off the tallest bungee experience in the world — the Macau Tower.

The video below details the gear that I will be bringing along for the ride and using for filming, blogging and hopefully releasing a video while I’m there.

The journals from the Philippines will still be released.  In fact, the last journal is slated for April 4 at 1pm EST.  So at that point I should be prepped to announce the book release and be finished with all the journals from the Southeast Asia portion of the blog.

Far East Asia is being filmed and documented now and I hope to have much more of that by the end of the year.  But until then, enjoy the rest of the SEA journals and I will see you stateside!


3 thoughts on “Headed for Macau

  1. To an amateur, this seems like a lot of gear. But I am sure to the professionals, like yourself, would maybe consider this standard. I liked the video. I learned a few things. Have a great trip! Looking foward to your blog posts and photos!! 😉

    • Whenever I think of all the gear I bring along, I remember the stories that my dad told me about his photojournalism exploits in the military — the 80lbs of heavy metal lenses/bodies and recording devices. And I don’t feel so bad. In fact, I am able to do more with much less than he ever could have with the older technology.

      Thanks for the comment!!

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