Re: Author Spotlight: Richard Dawkins


The blog that follows hereafter discusses the views expressed by Richard Dawkins, an admittedly controversial author and evolutionary biologist, whose opinions and research unfailingly spill over into the religious spectrum.  Being that the Travel Geek label and this blog maintain the priority of discussing issues which center around travel, research and humor — and not overly polarizing issues —  I have password protected the content below.

By nature, I am not a guy who shies away from controversial issues.  But seeing as most readers of this blog don’t really come here to talk about, learn about or find those types of issues, I wanted to ensure that this material wasn’t immediately visible for those who don’t want to see it.  Therefore, if you would like to see the review, enter this password: #DawkinsRichardRevie.  And if not, no worries!  You can rest assured knowing that more interesting stuff is on its way soon.

If you’re viewing this post outside the main blog, you can access “Author Spotlight: Richard Dawkins” by clicking HERE.  The permalink is here:


2 thoughts on “Re: Author Spotlight: Richard Dawkins

  1. Cyle,

    I have entered the password with and without the # signs and I still am not getting to the post. Any thoughts?

    • My apologies. The space available was not enough for the entire password. I have updated the blog. The password was cut off at this: #DawkinsRichardRevie

      Thanks for pointing that out! Enjoy!

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