New Photos from the Philippines

No journal today.  I thought I would just share some photos that are recently edited.  This gallery will only consist of regular color and B&W photography.  Stay tuned, though, for the gallery coming up later today in HDR.  I think that will be the highlight of the first half of the Philippines journals.  These photos are not yet complete, and therefore I haven’t loaded the gallery up to the website yet.  So you’re getting the sneak preview before the photography page gets updated.



3 thoughts on “New Photos from the Philippines

    • No sir. But honestly I think I would have gone that route if it weren’t for being raised by a a photographer who was supplied Nikon gear throughout his military career. I think that the western military has actually gone with Canon in recent years. But when I was growing up it was Nikon who had the solid construction needed for the gritty scenarios found in combat situations. I like the idea that Canon has risen where Nikon has failed to proceed into the video-heavy applications of the medium. So, again, I have had all this gear that kept me in the Nikon family, but for the design and videography work that I do, I might well have simplified with the benefit of forethought.

  1. I’m only an amateur photographer, but find your images very captivating (and some of the more personal ones quite haunting). Thanks for the “sneak peak”….looking forward to what’s coming up next!

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