New Photos from the Philippines, 2nd album

Okay, so here is the second album of recently edited photos.  This is the rough draft editing stage of the photos.  The final drafts will be edited all together in a batch process and then uploaded to the commercial website.  So you’re getting the sneak preview before the photography page gets updated.

In this album, the elderly people taken in HDR are from the hill tribes living in the mountains.  The beautiful lady trying to hide her face from the camera was so shy that her friends made her take the photograph.  She very reluctantly and uncomfortably sat as I snapped these shots of her.  I gave her a warm thanks and a fist full of cash afterward.  And they wounldn’t let me leave without getting a shot of the tattoos that she acquired in her time in the hills.  The tribes people decorated themselves back then and are strangely embarrassed of it now.  The older gentleman sat proudly and let me take this shot even though the youngsters around him were laughing and pointing.  He seemed not to mind.

Be sure to click the images and make them larger.  The detail that comes out in HDR when you’re looking at the larger image reveals much more detail than a thumbnail.  Tremendous range is exposed in this technique of photography — which is responsible for giving the photos that “dreamy” feel to them.  The mountain shots have so much old-worldy feel to them in these shots.  There are many more that will make it to the commercial site, but these will have to do to start.

Take a look and be sure to leave me comments on what you think!

4 thoughts on “New Photos from the Philippines, 2nd album

  1. All the photos in this short gallery have been interlaced by software which composes a layering technique known to add a high dynamic range of colors — taking the best quality on a pixular level from an array of photos of different exposures. This process, though seemingly complicated, is the result of simply taking varying exposures (normally an odd number from three to nine — in my case, I take five) and imputing them into software that does all this for the photographer.

    This type of photography must be done on-scene, which limits it to professionals and amateurs who have cameras capable of this technique. The process (from start to finish) is called HDR (for the High Dynamic Range of colors and detail) photography.

    The result is the closest thing that digital imaging has come to capturing, processing and producing an image likened to the way the human eye filters through the highest (brightest), lowest (dimmest) and most saturated parts of a scene.

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