Author Spotlight: Aung San Suu Kyi

Along with her book, Letters from Burma, I also recommend her book, Freedom From Fear.  Both were written while she was under house arrest at her Inya Lake residence in Myanmar.  When released in 2009, she instantly became one of the front runners in the political movement in which she was involved before her incarceration 15 years before.

In Letters from Burma, which is a collection of two-page notes, she talks about everything from her visitation rights to and from her loved ones and supporters, to the folly involved in releasing pigeons outside her house.  And in the moments where she’s found writing about the smaller, less static times of her manifold hours alone, her poetic writing never trails too far from the undercurrent of strife that she is faced with in her life.

Truly an inspiring woman through her strength, dedication and passion for non-violent resolutions in a country run by anything but peaceful leaders, her book, Letters From Burma, shouldn’t inspire women.  It should inspire EVERYONE.

Below is my video review on her book and her time as the leading face of the peaceful movement in a land of tyranny.

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