Calling All Koreans!

Hello all, I have a piece of fabric that I collected when I was in Korea that has a poem on it. It’s from the Hangul and it would be really great to know what it says. It was given to me by a monk outside the Seoraksan Temple and I haven’t been able to get it translated. If anyone receiving this blog knows how I might get a hold of someone to do this for me, that would be great.  I told a friend of mine, whose kids have a project for their class, that I would give it a shot.  Thanks a lot.


Here are the photos:

Click to enlarge, and feel free to right-click, “save image as” and edit as needed to turn it in the correct direction if you need to do that.


3 thoughts on “Calling All Koreans!

  1. I came across your ask in and I’m a student of Korea. I’m sorry to say this. Because the poem on yours is old and difficult korean. We in korea can understand all of the contents, however, we have a difficulty to translate from Korean to English. That’s because we have to find out apparent words that doesn’t exsist in English. If I have lots of, lots of time later, I’ll try it. but I’m not sure… 🙂 Have a nice day~!

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