Gourmet Camping with the Travel Geek

In this Travel Geek Short, I talk about the easiest and most delicious way to highlight your trip into the wilderness. Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you have to settle for day-old hot dogs and warm cans of fruit. Bring just what you need to create a masterpiece even Bobby Flay would appreciate.


8 thoughts on “Gourmet Camping with the Travel Geek

  1. It depends on you, if you want dry and not too cold, you can go April and May, you want a cold a bit wet, come in June, coldest and dry Dec 6.27˚C .. Yes there’s alot of place in the Philippines that is not known to others, and some other Fili dont even know they exist, and thats what drives me, to go to place in the map some dont even have an official name yet, and when you get there seems like you own a whole island just for you inhabited 🙂

  2. Oh i forgot to answer you other question sorry, the phenomenon always happen every day given that it’s not a clear sky which most of the time is not due to the cold temp of the location of the mountain there would be 3 more mountains to trek before reaching the main Mt.PULAG

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