Come and Find Me!

Greetings all,

You know about my blog and all the traveling that I have been doing, but I wanted to announce the integration of my other photographic and networking pursuits.  So I wanted to add this latest journal entry to reach out and connect to more of you.  And in an effort to do that, I have spent the last few weeks creating profiles on several different social networking sites.  Among them are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and others.  So, below, click on the buttons that I have posted to connect with me through these sites if you have a profile on one or more of them and start receiving updates on the latest things that I am researching.

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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Travel Photography and Photojournalism

My history with these social media sites is a short one.  So come help me develop!  Be my friend, Like my page, follow, link up, connect, comment, share, and whatever else you can do on these pages.  See who I am following, what sites I am checking out, what gear I am researching, what news stories I am keeping up with.  And best of all, share yours with me.

Hope to see you around!


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