Journal 34: Day 10: Southbound on the Korean Peninsula

Traveling in Korea, even the slower patches along the eastern seaboard, eventually makes everything a blur.  Not keeping up with even one day of journaling makes for a very confusing backlog of information.  There’s just too much to see and do.  I had to start going through my receipts to try and decipher where I was and when I was there purchasing this thing or that food.

All confusion aside, it’s very enjoyable to romp around the country and enjoy what hits you at every turn.  This evening, for instance, there was an impromptu market that sprang up that wasn’t there before.  It was my second and last day in Samcheok and I was just hungry enough to take myself away from journals and photo editing to go and grab a quick bite when I strolled down an alley that was filled with all kinds of excitement.

I love Asian markets.  They are always filled with amazing sounds, sights and smells.  And there’s never a shortage of characters emboldening the feeling of walking through these dirty streets narrowed even more by the tarps, tables and tubs.   It’s never disappointing.  There’s always a bin with something wiggling around in it or a box full of dehydrated animals of the marine variety.  You never know what you’re gonna see; you just always know that it’s going to be amazing.

Here’s a gallery of the incredible things that were hiding in the Samcheok Market.


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