Journal 32 – Part 2: Day 6: Penis Parks and Journals

Gallery 2 of Journal 32, Part 2:


I know that these photos speak to the amazing work that went into these temples.  But, again, I can’t say that they come close to being in this majestic place.  I tried to get the photographic proof of this, but I am not sure that it’s evident in the photos.  So I will just tell you that each of the different colors here were brush-stroked on.  That means that there were no screen printing, no spraying, no machine or stenciling that has put all this work together.  Each painting on the flat surfaces were hand painted by experts in the history of the region.  Each of the beams in the staggering eves were painted with near-perfect calculation.  And the pilings, supports and ceiling buttresses were all detailed after the construction of these amazing buildings were erected.  That means that someone hung, sweating and uncomfortable for countless hours unfettered until each image was suitable and every nook of this microcosm of angles and planes was filled with dutiful skill and creativity.

To try and put it into words, the scale of this temple setting was simply baffling.  It was not a remarkable opus of woodworking like many of the other palaces/temples I have seen.  But it was, far and away, the most exacting conglomeration of composition and detail-in-design masterpiece that I have ever seen.  No question about it.  It was quite an unexpected treat to add to my repertoire.


Tomorrow it’s off to visit a Penis Park and check out the snowboarding scene at the local ski resort one city south of here along the eastern seaboard of SOUTH KOREA!!


So stay tuned!




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