Southeast Asia Journal 11: April 2, 2010

Journal April 2, 2010

Today I will be leaving for another one of my favorite pastimes; a photo-documentary excursion into a new and foreign culture.

This one seems a bit strange.  I have had an odd feeling about this trip for the last few weeks and I just can’t figure out why.  I have numbered it down to a few interesting points and possibilities, but I think the most likely source of my feelings is the idea that I am compounding travel.  That’s to say that I have been living in Southeast Asia for almost a half a year, now, and it seems like every day has been travel.  I have been immersed in a new culture, eaten nothing but odd new foods, worn the local style of clothing, adapted my speech and mannerisms to suit the respectable level of the community, and I have taken every opportunity that came up to go out and take photos and write journals about this amazing place.  But since I am finding myself as settled as an expat can be, I am still going on what is known as a “traveling” vacation.

It just seems strange to me that while I am in a place of “all things foreign” I am still calling this little journey a “trip.”  Perhaps I am finding life as a live-abroad expatriate less like travel and more like a semi-permanent, elongated personal study into the details of life of another culture, yet here I am, ambitious about leaving this place to go and see yet another new and unfamiliar way of life – one that’s still foreign yet not based where I am experiencing travel, absorbing customs and interacting as a stranger in a strange land.

…Or, perhaps I am just thinking too much about it.

In either case, I leave tonight to embark on the latest of what has been the most amazing line-up of events ever to grace me and my path through life.

I will be boarding an overnight train to Bangkok where I will hop on a bus and head east to the Cambodian border at Poipet.  From there, I will decide whether or not to trek far into the country, to Siem Reap, and visit a longtime photojournalism goal of mine, Angkor Wat; or to detour by a day and go to Battambang and see the sights of a French colonial town with similar history.  I will be reading up on my travel materials on the bus, so perhaps I will decide then.  Or maybe I will have traveled too far and plans jumble, as they inherently seem to do, and I will stop short.  Or, even more likely a possibility, I will be moved completely off track by some unforeseen circumstance and have to pop a tent somewhere in between.

That’s the information that tomorrow’s journal will bring.


One thought on “Southeast Asia Journal 11: April 2, 2010

  1. Best wishes on your latest adventure.
    Be safe, have an amazing time, and take some beautiful pictures!
    Travel on… and enjoy the endless possibilities along the way.

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